Welcome to the Supremat OLD news and blog. I set this up to update everyone on Supremat OLD and everything he is doing. Please feel free to comment or ask anything!

First, thanks for visiting his new site. I really thought he needed a site of his own because there are so many great things about him. I will update all news, inspections, and breeding updates here as well.

Supremat OLD was just excepted to ride in the Houston Dressage Symposium with Conrad Schumacher. We are truly grateful and honored to be a part of something so educational and wonderful. If you'd like to audit the symposium please contact Houston Dressage Society.

We are also working on his approval with American Hanoverian Society as well as getting approved to be an inspection site. We are also working on a GOV inspection at Isabella Farms as well. 2015 will be a fun and amazing year.

Lastly, we have lots of breeding and training ahead of us this season. We are extremely excited to see all the beautiful babies in 2016. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact Dawn Chamorro. Don't forget to sign up on our mailing list!

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